Lewis - Creative Portfolio HTML Template

Design to attract, convert and
delight your customers

Project Structure

The structure of the Lewis HTML template:

  • js - all common scripts used on the pages, theme scripts included in script.js file
  • css - all common css used on the pages, theme styles included in style.css files
  • img - images, icons and backgrounds for the project
  • fonts - all icons used on the pages, included Ionicons.woff and Socicon.woff files
  • favicons - all favicons, favicons were generated here https://realfavicongenerator.net/

Home Flash

Home Flash works with ScrollMagic

The initial position of the menu items is calculated as follows:
the last element has the top parameter equal to 100% of the window height minus 80px: top: calc(100% - 80px);,
that is, it will be pressed to the bottom of the window with a small indentation.
Each prior element is assigned a top parameter 50px higher than the next: top: calc(100% - 130px); etc.

When the page scrolling, the position of the menu items changes, each item in turn becomes active and moves to the top of the window.
The first element is assigned a new value of the parameter top: 130px; (header height plus a low indent after header).
Each next element is given a top parameter 50px more than the previous one: top: 180px; etc.

The duration parameter for each menu item is calculated by the formula
Window height - initial item position - final item position

Number Counter

To change numbers, change this values:

Home Parallax Piling
& Home Parallax Horizontal

Home parallax piling and parallax horizontal works with jQuery PagePiling plugin

To make white text in section add classes slide-dark

To make white text in header add number of dark slides here:

Home Zoom Parallax

Home Zoom Parallax works with ScrollMagic

Zoom parallax consists of three images:

Text animation is created for these classes:

Go to js to change all animation code:

Home 3D Parallax

Home 3D Parallax works with ScrollMagic

3D parallax consists of two images:

Go to js to change all animation code:

Home Video

Home Video contains Vimeo video in background

The first item contains the video iframe that is shown by default.

To include each video, you must specify the following parameters:
background-image - desktop background image before video uploading, better if this is the first frame (1920x1080px)
data-vimeo - id video on Vimeo https://vimeo.com/230427450
data-vimeo-width - iframe width
data-vimeo-height - iframe height

Video-text-container contains titles, descriptions and mobile backgrounds (960x540px)

Home Minimal

To achieve a hover effect, the contents of elements minimal-item-content are duplicated in promo-minimal and promo-minimal-hover containers


Each filter has a data attribute

Each item has the same data-filters


Carousels works with Owl Carousel. It's easy to customize, see documentation